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Council of Contributors

At Danimose we recognise and understand the responsibility and obligation we have as a jewellery brand to society and we are committed to contribute to causes that we believe in.

The plight of rhinos and the conservation of these beautiful animals is something that is dear to our heart so we created a jewellery collection inspired by the rhinos left on earth epitomised by Sfiso. Sfiso is a rhino who dreams of all the ways he can survive.

Ten percent of the profit from our Sfiso collection will go to the Council of Contributors. This felt very much like the right thing to do and we are honoured to partner with them in this project.

One aspect that made us interested in the Council of Contributors is that they have a holistic approach to conservation. They choose a spectrum of projects by identifying the imminent needs of the people who are in the field fighting every day and night for the survival of these amazing creatures. Their projects focus on three main areas: rhino orphanages support; anti poaching units and equipment; and adult rhino rescue and rapid response. All donations they receive go straight to these projects.


The Council of Contributors are a non-profit organisation that is a rhino-centric nonprofit that is dedicated to securing a future for the species.

The CoC was founded in 2017 by Kennedy Zakeer when one of the rhino orphans she was a caretaker for was killed for his small horns just weeks before being released back into the wild. This loss opened Kennedy's eyes to what is at stake and was the motivation behind what has now become an impactful organisation that is making a positive difference for rhinos.
The CoC is a team of combined superstars and proud champions of the rhino.
Their purpose is focused, it is to identify and support 12 to 14 impactful projects per year, assisting large, small or grassroots organisations who are as devoted to saving the rhino as they are. The CoC believes in protecting the protectors; the hard-working "boots on the ground" and "eyes in the sky" organisations who stand on the front line, day after day, fighting for the greater good of the rhino, but very often doing this work with extremely limited resources.
The survival of the species lies in all of our hands. Big things happen when we all do our small part and collectively, we have the power to save them.