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Designing for you or for me? | DANIMOSE

Designing for you or for me?

What matters is to be a hundred per cent proud of the result of whatever we design and produce, regardless of whether it gets sold or not. We need to design thinking about what we want and this will eventually resonate with somebody else’s style even though many people may not like it. This is wh...
Sfiso Collection | DANIMOSE

Sfiso Collection

Back in September 2020, I went with my family to one of my favourite game reserve here in South Africa. This reserve is famous for the number of lions around and I specially loved how lush and beautiful it is.  When we got there we were assigned a ranger named Mr. Billy. He had all around wisd...
Meaningful Jewellery | DANIMOSE

Meaningful Jewellery

A few days back, I was asked to design a ring to represent a person who passed on recently. My client wanted a jewel to remind her of the spirit of her friend and to help her cope with the grief she is feeling at the moment. What an honour for me and a responsibility. We chose emeralds (her bir...

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