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Wearable stories

Most of our bespoke jewellery is in fact a wearable story of THOSE moments in your life, you know, the highs and the lows.

Those moments may seem similar for many people like getting engaged or having a kid but the meaning of them varies hugely depending on a person’s worldview and how they experience life.

When we get inside the story of that moment, magic happens. It stops being an exchange of services and becomes a much more meaningful project.

We realise that we make jewellery for expression, creativity and to challenge our craftsmanship skills. However what motivates us above all are those stories that transform a piece of jewellery into something much more personal.

Recently we had the opportunity of redesigning a ring that previously represented pain and sadness and we were able to transform it into a completely different piece. A celebration of a new beginning, the sparkle after pain.

Seeing the client so happy and empowered by her new piece of jewellery is all that really matters for us.


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