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Why are we so obsessed with diamonds?

Why are we so obsessed with diamonds?

When designing a custom piece of jewellery I am surprised by how often my clients want me to use diamonds in the design.

The clever ‘ A diamond is forever’ advertising campaign from De Beers group in 1948 may have something to do with this preference. But let's first take a look at diamonds in the past.

de beers

Diamonds though have been obsessing people for a long time. Buddhist texts mention the use of diamonds dating back as far as the 4th century BC. Because of the stone’s ability to refract light, Buddhists believed that diamonds were able to ward off evil when worn as talismans. www.truefacet.com


The first known diamond engagement ring was gifted to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria, thus marking the beginning of the tradition.

first engagement ring
First diamond engagement ring

And the rest is history since then. No matter how many different stones and gems are on the market, diamonds never go out of fashion and their popularity keeps evolving.

fancy cut diamonds
Photo by www.gia.edu

The younger generations are excited by the use of different cuts, shapes and colours such as salt & pepper diamonds or champagne diamonds.  These diamonds were considered rubbish in the past and now they have experienced a boom in the market.

salt and pepper diamond
Marquise Rosecut Salt & Pepper Diamond

Another trend we are seeing is the return of Rose cut diamonds which date back to the early 1500s. They are often seen in antique style jewellery (Victorian, Georgian era) but are making a comeback in modern jewellery design.

Rose cut diamonds are great as you get the illusion of a bigger stone thanks to the cut, as they are flat on the bottom. 

The chemical composition of diamond is almost the same as graphite. But they are so much more.

They are the representation of luxury, desire, memories and tradition. A hypnotic gem we can’t stop staring at when we see them.

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