The Coral Snake Ring

Browsing on the website of my ethical supplier of salt and pepper diamonds ‘the Rose and Stone Diamond Store’, I came across an unusual natural diamond with tones ranging from red and brown to peach and black. The stone was a 2.7 carats oval mixed cut diamond.

salt and pepper diamond danimose jewellery

Immediately I thought, these colours are exactly like the colours of a venomous Costa Rican Coral Snake. What an amazing stone.

Then again I tried to forget about it and went back to focus on the reason why I was there. To find my client a salt and pepper diamond for an alternative engagement ring.

A couple of months later I was browsing again for another project stone and found myself trying to locate the “coral’ natural diamond, hoping no other jeweller has bought it.

There it was waiting for me. But how can I justify this personal purchase?

Then I thought, next year is my tenth wedding anniversary, and immediately I came up with all the irrational and most ridiculous reasons why I should own this stone.

  1. It’s meant to be for me, it hasn’t been bought by another jeweller.
  2. I’m a jeweller. Personal projects give me total freedom to challenge myself and explore. Therefore they are worthwhile.
  3. I deserve it, I work so hard.
  4. It is ridiculous that I should not buy a one-of-a-kind stone like that.
  5. The stone has spoken to me. It wants to be in that ring. It is the reason why the coral snake ring design exists (in my mind at least).
  6. This will be the perfect gift for a jeweller for her tenth wedding anniversary. 

I will "help" my husband by suggesting the idea. It would be rude not to, right?

jewellery design snake

Forward in time with the stone in my hands (looking even better in reality than in the photo), it confirmed my feelings of the resemblance to the snake. And right there and then I decided that I wanted to be inspired by the snake. To have elements of it without being a literal snake ring, as I believe taking elements and inspiration is more interesting than going 100% literal with the design.

chose rose gold for my ring metal. Why? Because I feel on my Latina colour skin it is the one that suits me better. I love all the metal colours, but yellow can be tricky for me, too close to my skin colour so I try to use it in small doses if you know what I mean.

Then I decided to choose stones in different cuts but focusing on the colour, size and pattern of the Coral snake. Beige, black, red, black, beige. I chose stones in proportion to the size of each colour block in the snake.

And it turns out like this.

Beige is the smaller colour block, so I chose small brilliant champagne diamonds.

Black is the middle colour block, so I chose princess cut black diamonds.

The biggest colour block is red (my favourite colour), and so, of course, I needed to choose some stunning baguette rubies.


Then I hand-engraved the snake pattern on the metal using ancient Florentine engraving techniques.

jewellery engraving ring snake

This ring will always mean so much to me because I thought about it and I was part of the process. It’s priceless. I wouldn’t sell it or change it.  It's a piece I will forever cherish.

Here are 5 reasons for choosing custom made jewellery:


  1. You learn, even if you didn’t intend to. You are presented with different concepts like gemstones, carat, cut and colours. Therefore you can make an informed decision. 
  2. You have more control over sourcing something ethical as you can demand proof.
  3. You can be part of the design. The connection between the vision of the client plus the ideas and the interpretation of the jeweller is the magic combination for a great design.
  4. It has meaning. The piece tells a story. It’s not just a pretty or an expensive piece you found in a store.
  5. You can pass the piece on to future generations for them to keep alive the story forever.
salt and pepper diamond rose gold ring
If you are interested on inquiring about a custom made piece don't hesitate to get in touch at contact@danimose.com

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