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This gift voucher is the perfect gift for a person that loves jewellery. A custom made project provides the opportunity to explore ideas, by creating a tailor-made design. From the stones, metal, size and engraving, to the finish of the metal. We will take into consideration at all times our client’s aesthetic. The voucher can be used for the creation of a ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet.

Process for redeeming the Gift Voucher

  1. Interview process. Gathering of information regarding the vision for the piece e.g: colours, shapes, textures, ideas designs, photos exchange.
  2. Sketching of ideas
  3. Sourcing of materials
  4. Production time (4 weeks)
  5. Final Product

Regardless of the value of the gift voucher, high quality, high craftmanship and personalized attention are standard in all of our custom made pieces. 

We will advise you regarding stones, metal depending on the amount of your gift voucher.

Generally speaking, you can spect from vouchers under R5000 to work with semiprecious stones and sterling silver or sterling silver gold plated, and over R5000 with precious materials. The sizes of the stones and carat will increase depending on your gif voucher value.

Please use the email address of the person claiming the gift voucher at checkout as they will receive the confirmation email for the order.

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