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Influenced by history, art and the aesthetics of nature DANIMOSE is a jewellery brand designed to create beautiful pieces of fine craftsmanship.

All the pieces are designed by jewellery and graphic designer Daniela Morera, a Costa Rican currently based in South Africa. 

Daniela trained in jewellery design schools in Costa Rica, South Africa, Italy, and the USA, and brings a unique blend of classical elegance and craftsmanship to the contemporary style that is DANIMOSE.










We are happy to have a discussion with you about the source of all the materials we use in our jewellery. We are committed to making Danimose a brand that uses sustainable methods and ethical practices in the workplace. We can offer fairly traded pieces as part of our Bespoke Service.  Whenever possible we use recycled gold and do all we can to source gemstones from ethical suppliers.










Your jewellery will arrive with you in a 100% biodegradable cotton bag. We encourage you to re-use this bag to keep your jewellery looking its best. When shipping our jewellery we keep our plastics use to a minimum and endeavour to only use cardboard and paper.