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At some stage in life, you start to feel comfortable with who you are. A good indicator is when you begin to be unapologetic about what you like or not. The more you find out who you are, the more you find your voice. 

I started to learn this at an early age, back in Costa Rica, seeing my tribe of strong women; my mum, aunts and grandma fighting for a voice for themselves. Now I see this through my experiences with my customers. 

The people who come to me often have very defined ideas of what they don't want. They don't care about trendy jewellery brands and their generic designs. They want something different, an eye-catching meaningful piece that nobody else has. One that captures their story. 

They are often people who care about the environment and prefer to support small businesses offering quality products rather than to buy from fast fashion brands. They appreciated the hours of work, the love and the personal touches that go behind a quality piece of jewellery.   


Through seeing you owning your voice we have found ours 

The reason why Danimose exist, what brings us purpose every day is to see you empowered by capturing your essence and story through outstanding and high-quality jewellery pieces. 

How we can honour your story and excel in the design are constant questions in our minds. We understand you don't want what everybody else has. You want to be able to self-express your unique style.

At Danimose we care about

  • Practicing  fine craftsmanship 
  • High quality and ethically sourced materials
  • Authenticity & creativity 
  • Conservation  

We are passionate about

  • Our bespoke service, where we create powerful statement jewellery pieces. Learn about Bespoke 
  • Creating engagement jewellery with a story behind it.
  • Redesign of family heirloom pieces. 
  • Meaningful jewellery to celebrate your loved ones and those big moments in your life. 
  • Fun and unique collections for everyday wear 

Danimose world
Danimose world

Back when all started 

Jewellery design and art have ALWAYS interested me. For me, it never was a question of choice. I always knew my calling in this world was to create through my hands. Pencils and drawing paper were my biggest treasures growing up. I was always daydreaming, my mind in some artistic project or other- I still am.

I remember being a child and looking at my mum's small jewellery box. It had a ballerina dancing in circles to music. I was hypnotised by the colours and shapes of all the pieces in there. Especially those dangle earrings with red gemstones. Oh man, how I would dream of wearing them one day. 

It wasn't a surprise for anybody that at nine years old, when I came back from my first trip overseas to México I was wearing lots of jewellery. Many of the other kids bought teddy bears, but I bought jewellery. All my pocket money savings from the previous year had gone as soon as I set foot in the silver city of Taxco. 

Fast forward in time to 2010, I walked into an art exhibition on a Friday night. The first thing I saw were jewels inspired by a woman's body. The exhibitor showed the process behind every piece. All the work that goes into getting to that mesmerising final piece. I was immediately hooked.

About Danimose

Who are you?

I'm Daniela Morera, the owner and designer at Danimose.

I'm a Costa Rican with a thing for coffee and good wine.

I’m a foodie who likes to cook and I love laughing out loud, comedy, reading, dancing and traveling. I currently live in South Africa with an extremely cute toddler, my husband and dog. 

How did you learn your craft?  

I studied graphic design and communication back in college and worked in the advertising industry before studying jewellery design. 

I trained as a metalsmith since 2011 in different parts of the world such as Costa Rica, the USA, South Africa, and Italy. 

My time in Italy played a particularly significant role in my appreciation for fine craftsmanship and ancient jewellery techniques like Florentine jewellery engraving. I try to combine all the techniques I have learned throughout the years into contemporary designs. 

When did you launch Danimose? 

Danimose officially launched in August 2019, but I have been making jewellery for around 10 years. 

Where do you get inspiration from? 

I get my inspiration by travelling, meeting people with different world views and looking around in nature for intriguing and unique shapes, colors, textures. Historical pieces fascinate me and I have a special place in my heart for Art Deco era. 

-Kenyon Lang

“I had two pretty different styles in mind but somehow Dani married the two in the most beautiful way! She also suggested a gorgeous stone (Namibian tourmaline) that I had never heard of before but is absolutely perfect. My earrings are stunning — Dani does amazing work!”

-Robin Willis 

Dani made both my engagement and wedding ring. My husband collaborated with Dani on the engagement ring, and I worked with her on the wedding ring. Dani is so so easy to work with: She is thoughtful, attentive, and incredibly creative. She was able to turn my half ideas into something that is a true reflection of my relationship with my husband. I absolutely adore my rings and wear them with pride!

-Lucille Steinbrucker 

"Words totally escape me when trying to say what an amazing designer Dani is. She took very sentimental old items and turned them into magical memories!! The love, dedication and passion she puts into her work leaves one speechless!! Thank you Dani for my breathtaking pieces!"

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